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Sunday, March 19, 2006

America Should Provide an Example.....Not Preach.

The rights of women. The plight of women.

Reading Arab media, I see what I think is progress.....but I'm not sure I have a right even to judge what progress is, considering my far different cultural perspective.

What do I know? How can I see through the eyes of Muslim women? And if I do have a right to judge, I think I must realize that change will not come quickly or by force.....or even by preaching.

Change will come only with the passage of time and, in the meantime, America has much room for improvement.

The answer, as with most relations between human beings, is in treating one another with love and respect.

Stealing a line from the Indigo Girls......The hardest to learn is the least complicated.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

What IS An Anarchist, Anyhow???

The article in the preceding post deserves (and really needs) a bit of fleshing-out with more information.

Anarchists seem to have the same public relations problems as witches. I mean, just because of some silly gossip about bomb-throwing and baking children for supper........a lot of good people are regarded with fear and loathing.

"Quakers who swear a lot," is an appealing sound-bite, but.........

Most of us could stand to learn more.

Maybe we could also do more, if we knew more.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Practicing Practical Anarchy

I found this New York Times article interesting.

Maybe you will too. It starts out like this:
ON Aug. 1, 2002, I left behind the comfortably roomy semicircle marked "married-couple household" on the Census Bureau pie chart and slipped into an inconspicuous wedge labeled "two or more people, nonfamily." Having separated from my husband of 28 years the day before, I opened our three-bedroom 1927 Colonial Revival house to a group of men and women less than half my age. Overnight, the home I had lived in for 12 years became a seven-person anarchist collective, run by consensus and fueled by punk music, curse-studded conversation and food scavenged from Dumpsters.
Read more

Friday, March 10, 2006

Hill Mad--Cusses Bush. Rednecks Reel in Shock.

This IS news.

But I predict that the Rednecks will quickly forgive her for her passionate cussing.

Faith Hill, squeaky-clean, cross-wearing Christian Country Music girl, uttered an expletive yesterday (maybe several--the stunned country press corps seemed unsure). She DID say "Bullshit".......which, as a stand-alone, nicely sums up Bush & Co.

Obscene language is a rare thing to hear in an interview with this country-bred, white-bread, Bible-belt queen.....who is usually seen with a cross adorning her professionally sculpted and discreetly flaunted decolletage.

In an interview (along with her husband, Country
Singer Tim McGraw) she swore at the leader of the free world, George Bush, as she criticized his inept handling of the Hurricane Katrina aftermath.

The ratings-hungry media rushed to the conclusion that the Hill-McGraw team had suddenly turned into Liberal Bush-Haters like the Dixie Chicks--and loudly wondered if Redneck fans would now burn Hill's and McGraw's CDs in protest as they did those of the Chicks.

Wrong. Remember.....the Dixie Chicks were anti-war. ANTI-WAR!

In NASCAR Country.....being anti-war is almost as bad as saying that Jesus was a Jew......or that Toby Keith writes stupid songs.

That's unforgivable.

Hill-McGraw are just pissed because their fans (and relatives) in Mississippi and Louisiana haven't gotten new trailers fast enough from the Gubmint.

That anger is totally forgivable. In fact, most of the Hill-McGraw fans are pissed about the very same thing.

Will Hill-McGraw have either the courage or the brains to come out against the current Bush war crimes? Against Bush napalming Muslims for fun and profit?

That'll be the day.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Baghdad Bob Returns!!!

After a tough time of unemployment.....Baghdad Bob returns and......surprisingly--is now employed by the Bush Administration!

Always a calming voice of reason, Bob now appears almost nightly on Fox News to reassure Bush supporters that all is well.

Thanks, Bob. (And thanks to Xn Forums.)

Monday, March 06, 2006

BBC Video of American Friendly Fire Incident

Interesting film from Iraq. Click on the video button on the right side of the BBC page.

When will they ever learn?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Corporate Fascism or Fascist Corporations?

Some among us may still believe it is hyperbole to call Bush a Fascist or to say that America is a Fascist nation. I think the linked article most certainly gives reason to view America as nation where Fascists have taken control.

Let's not forget that they have taken control for an extremely good reason......profit.

We are being governed by Fascist Corporations.....or Corporate Fascism. George Bush is their goose-stepping Howdy Doody puppet.

Wal-Mart is a perfect example and fits well with the 14 points of Fascism as laid out in the article.

Is it too late to fix America? How could such a fix now possibly be done?