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Monday, August 16, 2010

Saul Paul: Creator of the Christ Myth and Christian Hero

It is truly odd when Christians ask normal people to prove that "Christ" is a myth invented by the man Saul/Paul. Are they really so deeply brainwashed that they can fail to perceive the silliness of their request?

They think that it's "opinion" to call an unproven myth........a myth. How odd, but Christians are nothing if not bursting with odd ideas.

They have no proof that Jesus ever lived. Zero. Just Christian opinion. He only exists in fictional form in the writings of the religious huckster Saul/Paul and his followers.

It is claimed that Jesus the man was a great teacher with many disciples in the early part of the First Century.

Ok......that's potentially true and very possible. But, let's be real....there is no more hard evidence for it than there is hard evidence that Huckleberry Finn and his disciple Jim existed. They were all characters in books. That's a fact.

But it gets worse for the Christian. Thanks to Saul/Paul, the story GREW from believable all the way to ludicrous.

Some years after Jesus died, Saul/Paul got a brilliant idea. If he jazzed up the Jesus Stories, he could sell the religion to the Gentiles and make a lot of money.

He would need some real exciting stuff, though. Demons, miracles, walking on water, speaking in tongues, prophecy, cannibalistic flesh-eating-blood-drinking ceremonies......and resurrections and a free pass to heaven. Yes.....that's the ticket!

Perfect. In Saul/Paul's imaginative story, Jesus became...... "THE CHRIST," an immortal who had died so that his followers could live forever. At the end of time Jesus would come back and kill everybody who disagreed with him and his followers would then rule the world as immensely wealthy kings.

NOTE: Saul/Paul borrowed almost every bit of this bizarre religious circus from the legends of Osirus and other old stories, but the Gentiles didn't care (and today's Christians don't even know).

It was fun and new and it became the hot new religion and spread like wildfire through the Gentile world.

The Jewish disciples of Jesus (assuming they ever existed) were quickly forgotten. Their religion had been based on righteousness and good behavior.........was that popular?

Not so much. Boring, actually.

The NEW "Christ" religion had demons, miracles, walking on water, speaking in tongues, prophecy, cannibalistic flesh-eating-blood-drinking ceremonies......and resurrections and a free pass to heaven--now THAT'S more like it!!!

The down side was this: Christians were dangerous. They did not play well with others.

Look at it this way: If your God is going to come back at the end of time and kill all the people who don't agree with you and Him--could it hurt to kill some of the bad people now and steal their stuff?

Thus Christians became the greatest murderers the world has ever known.......and to this very day, in Iraq, Palestine, Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan, etc., they kill for plunder and hegemony.

Thank Saul/Paul. Jesus (assuming he did exist) had nothing to do with it. Saul/Paul just used him.

No evidence for Jesus. No evidence for Christ. No proof of any of it......but more and more scholars are becoming convinced that Saul/Paul was one of the greatest liars that ever existed. (Look to the writings of Hyam Maccoby for the most concise and logical work of all.)

And, of course, there is plenty of proof that the Christians became the greatest oppressors and murderers in history.......it's called "history."