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Sunday, August 27, 2006


Throughout the destruction of Lebanon, we heard it...."Israel has the right to defend itself."

But there is no such right for an occupying power--because those they oppress--the rightful owners of the land--are, in truth, the ones who are REALLY defending themselves.

Occupiers like the Zionists are not on DEFENSE.....they are always on OFFENSE.....they are the attackers.

The Palestinians and their Muslim brothers are acting in self-defense and the history proves it....it is plain and clear.

Palestine was divvied up by the Western Powers in a way that would protect the interests......of those Western Powers (primarily England, at that time).

Those Western Powers simply had NO authority to give away land that was not theirs to assign in the first place.

They set the stage for the Zionist takeover of all of Palestine by killing or exiling all Palestinian leaders in 1938 (with the assistence of Zionist militias which were well-funded, well armed and powerful even then).

By 1948 the Zionist militias had been trained and strengthened to the point that the British knew they would have no problem driving out the Palestinian land owners and the British pulled out and allowed the blood bath to occur.

Although this 1948 war has been propagandized in novels, movies, and song as the Zionist Davids against the Arab Goliath (Palestinians and their Muslim brothers) ....that portrayal is a lie (though an attractive one to Westerners troubled by the consequences of their actions).

The Arabs had no chance of defeating the powerful Zionist militias, which had been trained to fight in close coordination with one another and team up to crush the scattered and uncoordinated Arab forces one by one with overwhelming force.

The British would not have pulled out if there was even a small chance that the Zionists could be defeated and it was common knowledge among military people that the Zionists could easily take over Palestine at that point.

The Zionists knew it too. They had been planning that moment since the early days of Zionist immigration in the late 1800s and they had received massive funding and shipments of weapons from Jews and Jewish sympathizers from all over the world.

So we have today's situation.....created by Zionists and the Western Powers. Peace can come ONLY when the Zionists leave. That's a hard fact to swallow, but it's a hard fact.

The Zionists, having stolen the land by way of massacre, deserve NO quarter in this fight and have no rights except the right to get out peacefully.

It would be good if they could negotiate a small territory for themselves within Palestine where a few could stay and all could visit--but it could never be a sovereign nation.

America, aiding, abetting and legally an accomplice to the murder and theft, deserves no quarter in this war and has only one choice--apologize, get out, make amends and ask for peace.

(And STAY OUT of the Middle East.)

The alternative is seeing more incidents of death from unconventional warfare on tall buildings, on planes, in subway stations, resorts.....wherever they may be--they will die in large numbers every so often and never be able to feel safe until they admit their crimes and desist.

The Muslims can do this for a hundred years and more if necessary. America can't.

America must recognize these facts instead of clinging to the comfort of the false notion that Israel has the right of self-defense.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Kidnapping Adult Zionist Soldiers in Lebanon

The American propaganda machine continues to refer to the two Zionist soldiers as being "kidnapped."

Were they kids? Did someone sneak in and steal them from their beds?

No. It turns out that they were adult Zionist soldiers, fully armed and taken in battle while trespassing in Lebanon to do harm to Lebanese people.

I suppose that, instead of "Kidnapped," we could say that they were "Soldiernapped," but it's really called being captured and being a prisoner of war.

America has thousands of Muslim prisoners in a prison camp at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba and in secret prisons around the world.

The war criminal Bush is apparently trying to hold some of them forever without a hearing.

Only WE call them "Enemy Combatants."

Funny how these name games go, huh?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Western media and Zionists are continuing to promote a big lie about where the original two Zionist soldiers were captured by Hezbollah.

In a sleazy attempt to justify their murder of Lebanese babies, the Zionists are saying that their two soldiers were "kidnapped" in "Israel."

The truth is, the two Zionists were captured in Lebanon while raiding Lebanese towns.

This is verified by a number of major news stories that were printed and aired immediately after the incident happened (full list). Since then, the big lie of a "kidnapping" has been told by Western media to such a degree that it is widely believed to be the truth.

Simple fact: Zionists are controlling the media coverage on this story.

They have murdered thousands of innocent people in Lebanon on the strength of this lie.

The implications here are many and profound. How can we ever know for sure what is true? And if media control can justify and validate murder--who among us is safe?

The Zionists appear to be able to murder at will for at least a few weeks whenever they choose to create an incident and do so.

When those they attack respond with a few small (short range and with very limited effectiveness) missiles, the Zionists can then destroy the roads, bridges, seaports and airports of that sovereign nation, virtually bombing it into the stone age.

The Zionists feed the media pictures of a few of these small missiles being launched by their victims and use that as an excuse for MORE criminal attacks on civilian homes that result in horrific loss of life and maiming of babies.

Zionists justify all of it by claiming they were "Defending" themselves.

From what? Babies?

The Zionists destroy all roads into an area with massive air strikes (with bombs supplied by America).....then drop leaflets urging the trapped citizens to "get out."

Then they murder those trapped citizens (with more bombs supplied by America).

What utter madness!

Who can believe the insanity that now reigns?

This must be taken to the streets of America.

The war crimes must stop and the media lies must stop.