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Saturday, April 22, 2006

My Computer Guy is Not Calling Me Back.

My computer guy is not calling me back.

This is not a huge problem, but......there ARE some things that are not working as well as they should work and I really would like to get done with this whole project. The promises of the wonders of wireless were more promising and less wondrous than we expected.

This whole technology thing sucks. How did I ever allow myself to become so dependent? What would Thoreau do? Don't answer that.

And Take Pause has vanished. She WAS talking about vanishing a while back. She was flitting in and out of this plane of existence.

Now she's gone.

I miss her.

Lily has departed to blog on some new liberal blog. She's probably writing incredibly brilliant stuff there and I don't have time to go look.

The rest of the gang? Who knows? I've been too busy to even check on the bizarre young naked bellicose Fascist that posted here recently. I really must be getting old.

I've had more hours at work recently. And at home.....getting ready for Summer has been more time-consuming and complex than ever before.

And......I have a fair list of 'Need to Do' things that are clamoring in the very dusty far back corners of my mind as they become 'Must Do' things on the way to becoming 'Absolutely SHOULD HAVE Been Done' things.

Pictures I should take. Pictures I should be filing on this computer. Pictures I should be visualizing with intent to take. Auctions planned but unready for e-Bay. Socializing that has been neglected. Things I should be buying to help get the new (used) laptop going. Lawn mowers that have been tuned up and never tested (I have faith that they will work ok......I think).

Several scattered books half-read. Phone calls that I should have made two weeks ago. Walks not taken. Shopping not done. A rowing machine that stares at me like a woman who is quite certain I MUST have cheating on my mind....or possibly even be consorting with some other rowing machine in some shadowy and sleazy spa.

Now I absolutely have to go do battle with the new (used) laptop. I know, even as I type this.......that it is a battle I am destined to, if not lose.......at least never win. Damn thing is tricky. It knows my every weakness and I understand its ways as a beagle understands nuclear physics.

Could be worse. It's a beautiful day and I have a great movie to watch tonight.

Do need to locate TP, though. Her alternate universe was sounding pretty good.

What would Thoreau do? Don't answer that.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


From Earl Bockenfeld by way of Lily.

What is Pussiliency?

Earl's been doing some pretty good work over there, Lily.

Thanks for tipping me off.

He even had a nice nude pic of my favorite Chicks recently. We should ever remember their early and ground-breaking work in Bush-hating and War-Protesting. Prophets, they were.....and well ahead of the curve and not afraid to reveal their own.

Myself.....I've been too busy for words lately (writing them, that is). Left a quick response to Lily and TP on Red Deer.

Greetings to all.