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Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Quest for God--Why FundaGelicals and Atheists Fail

People often have a strong need for pat answers and proof. These are the "Black and White" kind of people who need tangibles and palpables.

They need 2+2=4 and that's all they can deal with.....but that's not the way things work.

They don't deal well with theory or inductive reasoning. They can't believe that some truths transcend reason and logic.

They have their feet planted solidly on the ground and that's the only reason they believe the ground exists.

Lots of FundaGelicals are like that.....and lots of Atheists are like that.

FundaGelicals are happy because they have the Bible as their perfect and inerrant "proof."

If they should get to the point where they realize that the Bible is not perfect and inerrant--they have a meltdown because their faith is no longer perfect and superior to all others.

It's that "Black and White" syndrome....to them, the Bible is either inerrant or trash--they can't deal with the in-between shades of gray.

So, due to their (rather dysfunctional) needs--these FundaGelicals often become Atheists.

But being a Friend of God is not about God "proving" something to you....it's about faith--and faith gives you the ability to connect with God in a personal way.....as Abraham did.

That ability so given is called Grace.

Thus is God known to the Friends of God.....through Faith and Grace.

Instead of 2+2=4.....we instead have Faith+Grace=The Kingdom of God.

Those who want proof first seek to eliminate that Faith part of God's equation.

Those who require tangible "proofs" will be unable to connect with God until they give up that arrogant idea that God must meet their standards of proof.

So....FundaGelicals and Atheists often start out alike in their needs and often end in the same place due to those needs.

To become a Friend of God, one must cast off those selfish and arrogant needs.