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Friday, March 10, 2006

Hill Mad--Cusses Bush. Rednecks Reel in Shock.

This IS news.

But I predict that the Rednecks will quickly forgive her for her passionate cussing.

Faith Hill, squeaky-clean, cross-wearing Christian Country Music girl, uttered an expletive yesterday (maybe several--the stunned country press corps seemed unsure). She DID say "Bullshit".......which, as a stand-alone, nicely sums up Bush & Co.

Obscene language is a rare thing to hear in an interview with this country-bred, white-bread, Bible-belt queen.....who is usually seen with a cross adorning her professionally sculpted and discreetly flaunted decolletage.

In an interview (along with her husband, Country
Singer Tim McGraw) she swore at the leader of the free world, George Bush, as she criticized his inept handling of the Hurricane Katrina aftermath.

The ratings-hungry media rushed to the conclusion that the Hill-McGraw team had suddenly turned into Liberal Bush-Haters like the Dixie Chicks--and loudly wondered if Redneck fans would now burn Hill's and McGraw's CDs in protest as they did those of the Chicks.

Wrong. Remember.....the Dixie Chicks were anti-war. ANTI-WAR!

In NASCAR Country.....being anti-war is almost as bad as saying that Jesus was a Jew......or that Toby Keith writes stupid songs.

That's unforgivable.

Hill-McGraw are just pissed because their fans (and relatives) in Mississippi and Louisiana haven't gotten new trailers fast enough from the Gubmint.

That anger is totally forgivable. In fact, most of the Hill-McGraw fans are pissed about the very same thing.

Will Hill-McGraw have either the courage or the brains to come out against the current Bush war crimes? Against Bush napalming Muslims for fun and profit?

That'll be the day.


Blogger pissed off patricia said...

Well, you gotta admit, it's a beginning. I like it!

11:54 AM CST  
Blogger Wadena said...

Every little bit helps.....I guess.


12:24 PM CST  
Blogger Bobbo said...

Hopefully, even the rednecks will see that Bush is a moron.

I love country music, love it! But I do not agree with any of those idiotic Bible-belt nuts.

Jews was a jew, Toby Keith songs DO suck and being anti-war is not the same as being against the troops.

If a liberal who loves country music can fig'r this out, then golly gee the rednecks can, too.

=) Great post!! =)

1:32 PM CST  
Blogger Wadena said...

We like the Dixie Chicks.

And Cat Stevens.

The cat likes Chicks and Cats....go figure.

But that damn Shania.........she do sizzle--and she's an excellent writer.


3:27 PM CST  
Anonymous LILY BRANFORD said...

Oh Wadena, we began our blog friendship with the Dixie Chicks discussion did we not? And I said they wimped out then they apologized. And then I spewed venom and my head started spinning. Back then the cat was soothing, helpful. Now the cat is angry and riotous.

A cat of revolution. Speaking of, Did you ever hear "Cows With Guns"? Hilarious.

I did not have any sons in elementary school,either, by the way. A few anarchy writers might be influencing my thinking but I do NOT sound like a damned libertarian. Show me a social worker that thinks there shouldn't be ANY services? I question a lot Wadena and even play around with the enemy once in a while but as I have stated, I did not arrive at my views via a hippie catalogue. I always come back to a view of empathy which translates into "do with, not for" and answer to the people.

Katrina should be a wake up call on who our government REALLY works for. They failed in their most basic duty and purpose- and I guess THAT has me questioning a few things. Your input though really helps, and your support.

6:56 PM CST  
Blogger Wadena said...

Ok, Lily.....just LET IT ALL OUT!!!


Hey, my point was not that I thought Fosco was your son....my point was that I thought Fosco was YOU.

At any rate, perhaps the cat is evolving. Who knows? Who can really know a cat?

Yes, I have seen Cows with Guns. I like them.


8:53 PM CST  
Blogger skippy said...

much better pic of faith hill's attributes than the one i found.

also, is it worth mentioning that mcgraw-hill is also a publishing house?

i didn't think so.

mrs. skippy is a big dixie chicks fan (she also likes dolly). i like vince gill and some garth, and pam tillis (daughter of mel). but most of all i needs me some man in black.

1:01 AM CST  
Blogger Wadena said...

Yes, I found the pic while surfing and it was so.....silicon-looking, that I felt it was virtually stacked with metaphoric value.

Sultry and holy and totally fake, a white-bread virgin created only to inspire lust and record sales....a creature with the same solid substance as, perhaps, the tooth fairy.

To me it accurately represents the values and integrity of a person who would use a tragedy to gain a huge benefit in publicizing an upcoming concert while staying safely away from an issue (the war) that could anger fans.

She's no Dixie Chick.....she's the Dark Side represented as an untouchable angel of light.

Yes, I like some "Country" music....but honesty and the courage to take an UNpopular stand when needed are music to MY ears.

McGraw-Hill are right about Katrina, of course, but their glaring omission....their failure to mention a $250 billion war as The REAL CAUSE of the government's inability to come up with the needed money shows a cowardly bowing to the fear of a Redneck backlash.

6:57 AM CST  
Blogger BitterHarvest said...

For shame! Did I detect a note of irony in this:

.....who is usually seen with a cross adorning her professionally sculpted and discreetly flaunted decolletage.

She's an entertainer, Wadena, she's gotta sex it up a little. I'm sure you understand being a Shania Twain fan...you know, that Canadian who sings country...and who has Indian heritage...or doesn't...

12:27 PM CST  
Blogger Wadena said...


I found her pose virtually stacked with metaphoric value!

Her righteous stance against Bush at a press conference to promote her new concert tour was as contrived as her skillfully marketed bosom.

Shania? She's an excellent songwriter and has penned and performed some songs that empower, not enslave, women.

That's why I like her....she's more real (not necessarily physically).


1:15 PM CST  
Blogger Sheri (Akeera) said...


Thanks for visiting my blog "The Divine Nexus" and leaving a comment on Tim McGraw and his wife criticizing Bush.

Actually they are both Democrats. Who knows? Maybe this is the beginning of more country stars coming out against Bush!

The southern worm might well be turning!

7:18 PM CST  
Blogger Wadena said...

Well.....there's Democrats....and then there's Southern Democrats.

It's like two different parties.


8:41 PM CST  

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