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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Can Christians Condemn Islam?

So, there are a few Fundamentalist Muslims who seem radical and dangerous.


Christians often tend to try to portray Islam as evil.

But Islam is not evil, and....as a matter of fact--is traveling the same road that Christianity did.

It is traveling that road at about the same pace as Christianity did.

Hard to understand?

I will explain.

Christianity is 2000 years old.

Islam is 1400 years old.

The difference is 600 years.

Think about it.

What were Christians doing 600 years ago?

Those were the days of the Inquisition--when Christians tortured and murdered anyone who questioned the Faith. Millions died for questioning the Christian dogma.

This behavior started early and often and only 350 years after Jesus said, "Love your enemy."

Muslims, especially, were considered to be sub-human and worthy of only death. America today still promotes the killing of Muslims, setting up and controlling oppressive puppet governments in order to control the oil supply to America.

Why would anyone be surprised at the negative attitude that many Muslims have toward America?

But Christianity's record, when closely examined, leaves plenty of room for Islam to catch up or even surpass Christianity.

The gap is 600 years, but some of Christianity's primitive and superstitious behavior is less than 300 years in our past.

It was only around 300 years ago in America when the Salem Witch Trials sentenced innocents to be drowned or burned by Christians.

Even today in America, homosexuals are murdered by confused and ignorant Christians because the Bible (badly interpreted) appears to be condemning of all homosexual behavior.

And, of course, most of Christianity still treats women as second-class citizens (be a nun....NOT a priest).

Cultures and religions progress at their own pace. Islam is progressing just as quickly as Christianity did, and will probably catch up (as Christianity seems to be currently undergoing a time of regression and darkness).

And we should remain aware that progressive attitudes are common in some Muslim nations. Many Muslims, especially the Suffi Muslims, are as liberal and modern in their religion as any elderly Presbyterian of America.....perhaps more liberal and modern.

The bottom line is this:

We should judge no culture by our standards when our standards are alien to that culture.

Christians, who are themselves only a heartbeat away from the days of murdering anyone who questioned their dogma, are probably least qualified to condemn other cultures for those same actions.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


You know.....the persistent Christian oppression of Somalia is truly amazing. In 1920 the British, in their crazed determination to take over Somalia, killed more than half the people in Northern Somalia.

Yes, they really did. To force their way in to rule Somalia....the British killed more than HALF of the people in Northern Somalia (the people who dared to resist them taking over).

Just coldly wiped them out, mostly with a relentless aerial bombardment of every village and everything that moved.....man, woman, child, goats--everything.

Just another little-known Christian crusade.

Nobody in the West really cared. The dead were, after all, only Muslims.

Today, at America's bidding, the Ethiopian Christian armies are trying to do the same thing.

Over the past few years, a Muslim government, the Council of Islamic Courts, had brought a semblance of order to Somalia after many years of instability and violence. Things were getting better. Peace was coming.

But America couldn't allow Muslims to take over--America thinks Muslims are terrorists....so, the Christian Ethiopian Army was used by America to invade Somalia to crush the hated Muslims (with the help of American advisors, spy planes, spy satellites.....and, of course, air strikes from American aircraft carriers).

What America has now accomplished is that Somalia is again in chaos and the people are rising up against America's puppet, the occupying Ethiopian army.

And the streets of Mogadishu are again running red with blood.

The whole scenario is so familiar:

From the Toronto Star:
American-backed, foreign Christian troops intervene in a Muslim civil war to unseat the winning Islamist side; a U.S. warplane searching for alleged terrorists in that same country blasts the wrong people; both the European Union and the United Nations express their dismay; Canada, home to tens of thousands of immigrants from this war-torn, African nation, says nothing.

Does any of this sound familiar?

If not, it should. Somalia is making headlines again and the world is nervous. That's because this week's events in that East African country are eerily reminiscent of other failed Western adventures in other far-off Muslim lands.
Somalia: Meet the Latest War Crime

Canada really shouldn't feel too guilty for her silence.....nobody else is standing up to America either.

America wouldn't give a damn anyway.

America, like the British in 1920, is willing to kill as many as necessary to gain control of Somalia, killing, in the first few days, about 100 innocent civilians.

And, like the British in 1920, they used low-risk aerial bombardment (low-risk to the bombers--high-risk to those bombed).....killing men, women, children, goats.....anything that moved was a "terrorist ally."

How can anyone stop this?

The answer is blowin' in the wind....but America just doesn't give a damn about the wind.