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Monday, March 22, 2010

Republicans Will Lose in November

The behavior of the Republicans in the past two days has been revealing.

Republican Congressmen waved banners and signs from the House balcony to egg on and fire up the mob of Tea Party demonstrators outside......those same Tea Party demonstrators who were yelling "Nigger" and "Faggot" at passing Democrats.

One of the Republican Congressmen yelled "Babykiller" at Congressman Stupak when he stated that he would vote for the health care bill (an amazingly bizarre bit of namecalling since the health care bill will actually SAVE the lives of babies instead of killing them).

The Republicans consistently told lie after lie after lie in opposing the health care bill (the lie that it would fund abortion was an example). When caught and exposed in their lies......they simply continued to repeat the same lies over and over.

The Democrats, on the other hand, told the truth and walked boldly and calmly through the hate-filled mobs--staying focused on their work of winning a great victory for the American people.

Those Democrats succeeded in winning that great victory for the American people. Health care passed. Children.....now getting proper preventative care, will live rather than die.

Now Republicans say that Americans should vote the Democrats out of office. What? Did I hear them right?

I can only conclude that the Republicans have totally lost touch with reality. Indeed, America owes a huge vote of thanks to the Democrats.

I can't imagine that, after the way the Republicans revealed their true nature over the past two days, that anyone would ever vote for a Republican again.

I think the Republicans are in for a big surprise in the November elections when they find THEMSELVES being voted out of office.

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Blogger Pedro Garcia Millan said...



You see, Bush Sr., & Jr., Clinton, Regan, Carter, Obama, Ford...ALL these presidents are in what is dubbed a SECRET SOCIETY called The Moloch Axis Demoniacs (i coined the phrase myself...Dr. A.P. and i don't use my full name because WHO knows WHAT sinister crap they'd do to me IF they found out?) or M.A.D. for short.

These people, and there’s obviously more of them (Cheney, Rumsfeld etc.) than the ones mentioned, control KEY positions not just in government, business, society etc. They are GRADUALLY erroding MORAL/FAMILY VALUES in society. SO gradual that it's like hairloss! You see it ever so slowly and you have to be a keen eye to boot!

For example, women in the workforce...they go to work so WHO takes care of the kids? Some goofs getting minimum wage who could care less about those kids. Family split apart because NOW both parents work and the cost of life itself purposely increased to perpetuate this separation. Kids grow up with NO moral/family values. Repeat this a few generations and before you know it, you have mindless zombies that don't know RIGHT from WRONG! Easily programmable to get in debt, be anti-christ-like etc.

Also, the coming mark of the beast 666. Remember HOW it all used to be ca$h only? Then they introduced checks, then credit cards to get yourself in serious financial troubles, then ATM cards, and now that STUPID SWIPE-PASS card. What is the purpose of all this? To get people broken down enough and stupid enough through putting FLUORIDE in the drinking water and ASPERTAME in soda drinks/pop cans so we ALL can accept the 666 chip. So NOBODY can buy or sell or own ANYTHING lest he has the mark of the beast (anti-christ) which is 666.

I can go on for days & days as to the subtleties and more examples but i think you all SEE the points i make here. It's all SUBTLE and GRADUAL negative changes day in & day out that these M.A.D. demons (because they are demonic and have placed their trust in demons in exchange for their souls and material possessions here on earth) are passing into laws in Canada, USA, UK, SPAIN, FRANCE etc.

8:07 AM CDT  
Blogger Wadena said...


(I couldn't help but notice that it says "Part 1" at the top.)



8:50 AM CDT  

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